With You I Would: a Poem

MP Capellan
Feb 8, 2022


Different from what I’m used to

But I could get used to
your fingertips touching mine
reaching across the table
like the cheesy movies do

Wrap my hair around them
shape every coil, every twirl
pick up a bottle on the way
make dinner for two

Dust off the red suspender
light up the jasmine candle
watch it flicker to the gentle
beat of your chest, I surrender

Grapes and tea in the morning
and no sugar or honey needed
’cause when I taste it off your lips
it’ll be already sweetened

A feeling long forgotten,
what’s it like to renew?
when my walls know I
can’t do that with anyone
but with you I would.

Originally published at https://marciacapellan.com on February 8, 2022.



MP Capellan

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